Cosmo Stinger stuck in 2nd

Hey guys.

I have a 2001 Cosmo Stinger with 600mi on it. The bike was left outside over the winter and when I went to drain the gearbox water and what was now a white paste came out. I put new oil in it after I made sure all that stuff had drained out. The bike starts fine and idles well, however after I got it to run for a while and I came to a stop, it stalled out. Starting it again would result in it sounding and acting like it was still in second gear (slow start and sound). I know the gearbox has some kind of rubber element or band in it that assists the gear change, but I have no idea where to get it. I also need to find a gearbox cover gasket if I am going to pull this thing apart which I also have had no luck finding.

Any help would be great.


Re: Cosmo Stinger stuck in 2nd

Perry Manessis /

Keep draining the tranny oil until there is no more milky coffee coming out Water got in it through the breather vent on top of the crankcase. Also, water will do in your rubber clutches. check with <> and get a new set of clutches. Make sure when you chagne the oil, put exactly 350ML of HD30 in it.

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