Kinetic TFR/USA noise

2003 Kinetic TFR, totally stock, around 750 miles on it.

I get a noise at light throttle acceleration or at a steady state cruise at around 15 MPH.

The noise sounds like a chain hitting the muffler or a hollow frame member, but I checked the chain tension and it's fine and the idler is working properly.

The noise disappears during full throttle acceleration, and seems to be too irregular to be a rod or main bearing knock.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Does it make noise while on the jack-stand? Jim

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

Andy Kochvar /

Yeah ^^... Exhaust baffle could of came loose or something else in the exhaust pipe? Thats what i would look at. (clean it out while your at it)

Just wondering Cyberian, what's the top speed of your TFR now?

I ride mine at about 25 mph top speed, varying rpms as it only has 60 miles on it. How did you go about breaking in a moped going 25 with traffic always doing 40?? I never want to ride it because i'm forced to go slow...does the TFR do 40 stock? (it's speedo is up to 50mph)

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

Bruce Wilkinson /

Hi Dave, I get a similar noise on my Ciao. It's my drive belt banging on the frame encasement. Do you have a belt on that thing ? bruce

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

What you describe could be "piston flutter or clatter"

Usually you hear it at idle or lower rpms. When you increase rpms, the noise goes away.

It is caused by an elongated bushing in the top end of the connecting rod. The bushing is supposed to be round but since it elongated it allows the wrist pin to wobble a bit which in turn causes the piston to wobble or flutter at lower rpms.

As you increase RPMs centrifical force causes the travel path of the piston to straighten out and the flutter or clatter goes away until you decrease the rpms again.

Or then again it could be a loose belt slapping the fame or side cover.

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

I've seen stock TFRs hit top speeds of anywhere between 27 and 32 MPH. There are many options available for speeding your bike up, do some searches on the performance tuning forum.

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

Sean Taylor 9/18/1971 - 1/14/2007 /

Yeah they do that speeds going down steep hills. HA HA!

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

How long has it made this noise?I have an '03 TFR with just over 2000 miles on it.It makes several different noises.They used to bother me,but it still runs fine,so they are probably normal.I doubt it is piston or bearing noise,it could be in the clutch.TFRs have a dry clutch,which is noisier than a wet clutch.The fact that you say it is irregular makes me think it is probably nothing serious.I'd just go ahead and ride it,and see what happens.If it IS from internal engine problems,the damage is already done anyway.

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Dave Mcgarry /

Jim -

Yes it makes the noise on the center stand.

Andy -

The fastest I ever got it to was just 30 MPH, per my Garmin GPS.

Thanks to all for your help.

I'll recheck the exhaust, chain, belt and centrifugal clutch before I tear the engine down, OK Zippy? - - :)

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

Check with Cosmo on your warranty before you tear into the engine. The minimum warranty they are offering is 3000 miles or 3 months whichever comes first. They are advertising a 1 year warranty on their website for new purchases.

Talk to Bruce Zollo before you break down the engine, maybe good ole Bruce has some good advice or will help you out under warranty.

Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

Dave Mcgarry /

I will surely do that if I need to tear the engine down, Bill.

Thanks again for your help here and elsewhere.


Re: Kinetic TFR/USA noise

Dave Mcgarry /

Sorry to resurrect this after such a long time, but I thought that someone else might benefit from this.

The noise was being caused by the front outer centrifugal clutch assembly.

#s 12 --> 22 here:

Disassembly, a thorough cleaning, and roughing up the pawl surfaces on #13 cleared things right up.

Thanks to all for the help!!

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