squeeky front wheel

my front wheel is very squeeky could it be the brakes bearings or just dirt tried taking it abart and put it back together still does it any ideas

Re: squeeky front wheel

See Ya Moped Army /

Take it apart and figure it out.

Re: squeeky front wheel

You know what they say about the sqeaky wheel.

Re: squeeky front wheel

Yeah, the squeeky wheel needs it's brake adjusted, Don't grease it.

Re: squeeky front wheel

the only time my wheel squeaked... I needed brake pads

Re: squeeky front wheel

narrow down where the squeek is coming from.. is the fender loose? is it coming from the springs in the fork? Are the fork tube nuts and bolts all tight? Does it happen when you spin the wheel when it's off the ground..

Adjust the brakes so you're sure they are not "dragging" all the time... does it then happen when the brakes are applied?

if it's coming from the hub area, something needs to be greased but, as noted, keep grease away from the brake pads and brake drum.

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