Peugeot carb parts

Anybody know where I can find the plastic top for a peugeot 103 carb?

Is there a good alternative dellorto carb for these bikes?

Re: Peugeot carb parts

Dellortos are very tall, I think I might I might have enough room to fit a 19mm Dellorto PHGB on my TSE. Also, I have a super rare Gurtner carb that has the cables on the side, not on top. I have no idea of the clearance of a normal 103, but i know that most other mopeds require fabrication to the intake manifolds so they come out through the side. Heres a pic of my carb. Dellortos are the best choice because the jets can be bought anywhere.

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Re: Peugeot carb parts

So what do you suggest I do for getting a new carb for it?

My current one is leaking air, and I assume it's through the top from the plastic piece. So I either need that peice or to find a new carb.

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try sealing the leak off???? use epoxy or something simular. Trial and error man, use many things till one works.

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Well I'm not going to seal the plastic piece to the top of the carb. I think the plastic is worn around the edges of the top of the carb.

Who uses plastic as a top for a carb??!

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