Solex Idle

I'd really like to slow down the Idle on my solex, it Idles to fast for the clutch to dissengage and I can't find an adjustment. Do you have to put the choke on to slow it down? or am I missing something.

Re: Solex Idle

Don Pflueger /

you need to adjust the throttle cable where it mounts to the plate on the back of the engine.

Re: Solex Idle

Most engines DO have a screw to adjust idle,but I don't know about the solex. don-ohio

Re: Solex Idle

No idle screw on the solex. On the older solexes with the inverted brake levers, when you squeeze the front brake lever it also closes the throttle barrel halfway and this should make the bike idle slower. You must use the front brake when stopping; you can't use just the rear brake and roll the throttle grip forward. You must verify that the throttle lever on the carb is closing the throttle barrel halfway when you apply the front brake. What's the result of the problem you're having...does the motor stall or does the motor race? You have an older 4600 with the inverted brake levers, right? Motor serial number 71xxxxx, correct? Solexly, BrianSoleX

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