tranny oil

im susposed to have 20 weight detergent free oil in my transmission, except i cannot find any. I know i should not use type F because its abrasive on cork shoes.

what can i use as an alternative or where can i find 20weight?

Re: tranny oil

You might try using 10W-30 .. unless you can find 10W-20.. (non-detergent).

Multiweight oils normally act like the higher number. But if the weather is cold an additive thins the oil to the lower number. Once the engine or tranny or gearbox gets warm they are back to the higher number.

Otherwise the multi-weight oils are the same as single weight.

It's hard to say how the clutches will react to 30 Weight.. since it's slightly thicker, the thing might shift at a slightly lower (higher ?) speed than before.

Non-detergent should be used. Detergents loosen dirt and grit and allow it to circulate, finally to be trapped in a filter. Since the gear box has no filter, the crap would just keep circulating and nobody wants that..

Re: tranny oil

Is that a Pacer? Just use 30W ND available at Auto Zone or Tractor Farm Supply. don-ohio

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