motobecane front wheel noise?

so i've been workin on my motobecane like a madman.

tightened the chain, fixed the rear brake (courtesy of jason), drained and remixed a fresh tank of fuel, got some handle grips (courtesy of fratbone), got a hot saddlebag for $10 at the nearest army surplus store, and adjusted the idle.

it's rockin.. except the front wheel is a little squeeky and not so smooth. there is also some clanking sounds by the crank where the belt is. does anyone with a 50v know the proper way to rectify these issues? i figured i'd ask first rather than doing something stupid like lubing it all up in the wrong spots with the wrong lube.



Re: motobecane front wheel noise?

If the front wheel is noisy, you're just going to have to pull it and find out if it's the bearings or the brake making the noise. The motobecane has a standard bicycle-type adjustable cup & cone bearing set in the front.

Re: motobecane front wheel noise?

See Ya Moped Army /

The speedometer drive could also be making the noise. If it hasn't been greased in several years, the old grease could be dried up.

Re: motobecane front wheel noise?

Mmm.. good point. Could be the cable for that matter.

What I found amusing about the speedometer kit on my Motobecane, was that it was broken in every possible way. The speedo was seized, the cable was broken in two, the speedo drive was seized, and also not properly assembled to the wheel.

No two compoenents are not busted. Hope yours is in better shape.

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