ciao gear oil

I recently purchased a ciao and I'm looking to bring it back to life. Could somebody tell me exactly where I fill the gear oil on the rear hub? I found the screw to empty the oil, but not the fill hole. Thanks

ciao gear oil

I'm in the same boat,

you should find the info you need here....


Re: ciao gear oil

The drain hole is also the fill hole. When the bike is vertical, the oil level should be up to the level of the hole. 85-95 wt gear oil

Re: ciao gear oil

Is there a convenient way to empty the old oil? Would tipping the bike sideways be the best way to do this?

Thanks, Brennen.

ciao petcock question, too

Additionally, I removed the petcock from my Ciao and there is not a tube connected that goes up into the tank. That isn't normal is it? Are there many consequences to having a petcock without that tube (i.e. always on reserve gas flow).



Re: ciao petcock question, too

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

When you run out of gas on reserve, you are really out of gas. Jim.

Re: ciao petcock question, too

Leaning the bike to the side is the way to drain the rear oil. Then refill it with a pointed funnel carefully so as to not spill too much on the outside works and wheel. It doesnt take much.

Regarding your petcock, originally there was an intake tube assembly with a mesh filter on it. This enabled you to have a reserve and protected the carb against junk getting in it. You should also have a filter after the petcock and before the carb.

Those petcocks are generally available. Zippy in Ca has Vespa parts.

Good luck.

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