switching from spokes to mags

so i picked up a rear mag wheel on ebay. it looks like it's missing the axle and brake assembly. i'm wondering if i can just use the ones from my spoke wheel? i seem to think that i read somewhere that there is some incompatability between the two. maybe with the axle diameter? here's the wheel.


Re: switching from spokes to mags

it may or may not work. that's why you should try and buy complete wheels if at all possible.

you are just going to have to wait and see when you get it.

On the plus side I think it shoudl be pretty easy to get the new parts from handybikes or mopedwarehouse.

Re: switching from spokes to mags

The two types of wheels have different hubs and are not usually interchangeable...

Re: switching from spokes to mags

right, i'm pretty sure that the new mag has the hub in it, since i can see that the sprockets are still on it. and i think that you can see it in the pics.

the thing that i was thinking of came from the moped warehouse's description of the 5 star mags that they sell. it says that they come with 12 mm axles and that you can use your existing your existing brake plates if you have a 12mm axle.

from the description "(you can reuse your existing brake plates if you have the 12 mm axle . If you have the 11 mm axle you will have to enlarge the hole of the brakeplate )."

so, i realize that these are not the same mags that i bought (snowflakes). but now that i've seen that page. i'm thinking that the problem may be that i've got the wrong size axle? maybe not. any thoughts or comments?

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