Tomos Targa LX Compression problem

Soo heres the problem..... Today on a long ride im riding and all of a sudden my 96 Tomos LX screeches and cuts out. I start it back up and keep going but it happens again. On the way back it cut out another 2 or 3 times and then just wouldnt start back up.

I think its a compression problem because the pedals are turning backwards too easily it seems but im not too mechanically inclined. Can anyone help me?

Re: Tomos Targa LX Compression problem

Don Pflueger /

sounds like your oil pump quit. you need to look at two things first. check your compression with a guage. you want it to be 120 lbs or higher. next, drop your exhaust pipe and look up into the exhaust port. while looking in the [port, roll the engine over slowly and look at the piston side wall. scratches on the side wall are a good indication of what is wrong.

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