Honda PA50II 1983

Where can i buy a HEADLIGHT for a Honda PA50II 1983?

The LO and HI beam are burn on mine!??



Re: Honda PA50II 1983

The nearest Honda motorcycle dealer might have one in stock. If not they can order one, or, I did see some on ebay for slightly cheaper than the $30 they want for one at the dealer.

Re: Honda PA50II 1983

If it happens, like with me, that Honda can't find you the one that perfectly fits your housing with the attachment bosses in the right place, search the archives here for stuff about to retrofit a cheap, commonly available new bulb into the original sealed-beam lamp.

I used a halogen, like this one..

Basically it involves carefully removing the front glass lens, removing the inner bulb and gluing a new bulb in with silicone.. replace the front lens.

"HERE": is one thread..

"HERE": is another .. pretty much explains what i went through.

..only have one "beam" but it's better than nothing.. cars see me coming and i'm satisfied.

Re: Honda PA50II 1983

the headlights out of honda trail 90's and ct200's are the same, if it's 6 volt.

Re: Honda PA50II 1983

The biggest problem is that the semi-sealed beam has the mounting and adjusting tabs built in. The one I bought on ebay has the correct tabs but it has a replaceable 6V bulb.

I figured that just that replaceable bulb was worth getting it on the web. Ask the seller if the ones he is offering (around $20.00 as I remember) have the replaceable bulb.

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