Help !! (lighting)

I'm trying to hook up some thirdparty lights by jsut wiring the lights to the negative and positive on the headlight... but its not working i hooked it up and i get nothing... no power to the lights.....

i have it spliced into the blue cords going into the headlight theres only 2.. positive and negative......any ideas???


Re: Help !! (lighting)

you may need to hook up a ground.

blue wire to bulb, then bulb to ground.

Where did you get your lights, what is the wattage, and how much power does your light coil put out?

general guide is taillight wattage + headlight wattage.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

i attached what im trying to hookup.

in the cigarette lighter adapter is a fuse.. i donno how to make this work.. i think i wasted $30....

hooking the light up directly does nithing as well.......

not sure how to make the fuse have power to power the lights....


Re: Help !! (lighting)

Just cut the cigarette adapter off, and run the wires. If you need a fuse just run a inline fuse on the positive line.


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Re: Help !! (lighting)

i tried hooking the wires up directly.... didnt work.....

i guess i need to buy an inline fuse then?

I'll try that tomorrow then i guess... thx.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

Maybe you dont have enough power?


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Re: Help !! (lighting)

ok.. can you check out this picture attached and see if im doing this right?

im pretty sure the brown is the head light

blue is the highbeam

and im guessing the third singled hook up is the ground??

the pruple is the wires I put in... and I opened the headlight wire and attached it there.......this works yes??

all i need to do is hookup an inline fues to the pruple positive (donno how to tell which is positive ?) and then the other end of the wire into the neon light adapter ?

this i woudl think works... but i just want to make sure that is right...

oh... to ground the purple wire.. can i just run a short jumper from the splice in the brown wire there they connect to a piece of metal on the bike somewhere?

thx again

Re: Help !! (lighting) (pic)

forgot to atttach..... heh


Re: Help !! (lighting) (pic)

I belive the brown wire is the ground.


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Re: Help !! (lighting)

I'll take a look when I get back from work.


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Re: Help !! (lighting)


Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to work.

Those neon lights run off a high-voltage power supply (black box), which needs DC to work. The headlight on your bike is probably AC.

The cigarette lighter socket on a car supplies 12V DC, not AC.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

are you absolutely shure??

if so what kinda liht can I use to make this happen?

Re: Help !! (lighting)

Try hooking them up to a battery


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Re: Help !! (lighting)

I was looking into batteries today... th smallest one i could find was $20 but it is like a car battery... bit smaller but pretty heavy still.. would way down the bike... so tht sucks... plus it would only last like an hour prolli...

Re: Help !! (lighting)

If you need to go with a battery, find a gel-cell type. You can get fairly small and light versions of this type of battery.

As for life, you need to find out hw much current the neon setup uses. This might be in the instructions, or you can just measure it with an ammeter.

For example, if the neons use 1 amp, and you want them to run for 12 hours, you will want a 12aH (amp-hour) battery (roughly).

Re: Help !! (lighting)

Look at radioshack for a sealed lead acid battery.Like this


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Re: Help !! (lighting)

That radio shack battery is small capacity (only 1.3 amp hous) for the price.

Check out THIS PAGE from All Electronics ( There's a 5 amp hour, 12 volt for $15.

They mostly sell brand new surplus supplies. I've bought lots of stuff from these guys and never had a problem or a complaint about anything.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

thanks a lot.. i think one of those should work...

is the one from radioshack rechargable if so how do you charge it???

need a car battery chrager dealy or can bring to a parts shop and have them charge for you?

thanks again...


woudlntt hat be better? same size... just longer working time... plus says rechargeable.... same battery type tho right?

Re: Help !! (lighting)

size is directly related to capacity.. if you look at the details you might get the dimensions of the different batteries. More amp-hours requires more physical size and weight.


A gell cell is a sealed lead-acid battery. The reason they are superior (in some applications) is there is no liquid inside. There is a thick gelatin instead of watery acid.

When a lead-acid battery sits uncharged for a long time, sulphates form and collect on the plates. This is (debatable but safe to assume) permanantly destructive to the battery. Normal liquid-type lead-acid batteries are especially prone to this damage.

But the gelatin in a gel cell inhibits the sulphation of the plates. The gelatin prevents spontaneous migration of the chemicals in the battery. For this reason the gel-cell batteries can sit for a much longer time without being fully charged and yet without sulfation damage.

This is not to say that normal, regular charging and care shouldn't be exercised.. only that it's not as critical with the gel-cells.

The fact that they can't accidently spill acid liquid is another plus.. i think they are even allowed in airplane baggage.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

Interesting comment about airplane baggage..

I wonder if this still holds true in our Post-9/11 world. It might have been OK Pre-9/11, but in a Post-9/11 world, I'd bet that it would draw some suspicion from your Post-9/11 airport security or Post-9/11 baggage handlers.

Truth is, in a Post-9/11 world, things are different, in a Post-9/11 kind of way. In a Pre-9/11 world, you could have connected a Pre-9/11 short across your Pre-9/11 battery, and caused a very Post-9/11 type explosion and rupture of the battery's Pre-9/11 case.

But in a Post-9/11 world, who knows. People are more on Post-9/11 edge than they used to be, Pre-9/11.

Anyway, I need to click the 'post' button now, to post these Post vs. Pre-9/11 comments.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

heh.. yeah.. the world is different..

i did some flying recently but first did a search to wise me that i wouldn't be searched at the airport.. and had a vague memory of something about batteries and luggage.

The controlling authority is the Transprotation Security Admin.. and HERE is the most recent list of permitted and not-permitted items on planes.. It's a 150K .pdf file.

Alls it says as far as batteries is that "Spillable Batteries (except those in wheelchairs)" are not permitted carry-on or stowed.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

well, the link to the PDF file didnt work.

Follow the link and then click the "Prohibited Items" link in the left margin of the page if interested in getting the list.

Re: Help !! (lighting)

Hi Will, check the specs that came with the light kit. I'm sure it runs off of 12 V DC. What your checking for is power supply voltage and wattage consumption. The high voltage, if needed, is provided by the adaptor that comes with the kit.

Get your power from your tail light. Attach the red wire to the bottom connector of the light bulb and the black bolt it down with one of the bolts of the fender. On the tail lens drill a small hole on the bottom and run your red wire through there.

let us know how it goes.

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