motobecane 50v problems

hey i got this moped and i cant figure out how to start it , hopefully someone has the same moped and can help me out with that, also does anyone know where i can get an owners manual from?, well thanks

Re: motobecane 50v problems

Re: motobecane 50v problems

Starting cold:

Fuel on, kill switch in run position.

- pull in choke (left hand)

- pull in compression release (right hand)

Pedal hard, and once the motor is spinning over, drop the compression release and keep pedaling.

When you feel/hear the motor start to catch, give a crack of throttle.

Once the motor starts, stop and let it warm up on choke - use a little throttle, and start letting off the choke as soon as it's able to run without it. Once it's off choke, another 30sec or so of warm up, then drive it.

Starting warm:

If the bike is in good tune, you should just be able to give it a little crack of throttle, and kick-start it on the stand. Mine starts very easily this way.

Otherwise, pull the compression release and start pedaling, etc..

Re: motobecane 50v problems

Did you miss this post somehow?

it is still on the moped repair 1st page

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