Please read. Need help with parts.

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I have a 197? CaDy and it's really hard to find reasonably priced parts for it. Since it uses a 6 volt magneto I was wondering If I could use a 6 volt condensor from a tractor or something else, or do I specifically need a condensor made for my moped. And Do i specifically need certain coils for my moped or can I use other ones?

Re: Please read. Need help with parts.

I read somewhere on another post that any condensor could work. I could be wrong (if I am, tell me). You can make your own tools by getting creative. Some things you might have to buy, but not all. Try for parts, and also has a lot of good stuff for good prices.

Re: Please read. Need help with parts.

you can get by with an ignition condenser of a similar size..

With the average ignition condenser, physical size is closely related to the condenser's capacity. Substitutions could be made on size alone and are probably gonna work fine.

Particular capacity doesnt matter a lot but it does matter if the points spark a lot and are wearing quickly..

When points "burn", some material from one contact is being transfered to the other contact. If you look at the points contacts under a microscope, you could see in which direction the material is going. One point will lose material and be pitted with holes.. the other will have tiny mounds growing on it.

If material is being transfered from the negative to the positive point contact, increasing the size (capacitance) of the condenser would be called for... and vise versa.

Re: Please read. Need help with parts.

Thanks alot, Ill check out handybikes and buy a new condensor

Re: Please read. Need help with parts.

I got a volmeter, and hooked up on clip to the spark plug wire, and I hooked up the other clip to the engine block. As my brother pedalled the bike, the volometer read 0.5 volts. Really it should be 6 volts. Am I correctly gauging the voltage or do I just have a faulty magneto?

Re: Please read. Need help with parts.

maybe i dont understand you.

Voltage across a spark plug gap (or from the plug's boot to engine ground) is supposed to be thousands of volts..

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