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I have a 197? Motbecane Cady.I cannot get a spark. The wire from the magneto produces a small spark when held up to the Engine Block but once I connect the wire to the spark plug, it just doesn't ever want to jump the gap. I have regapped the sprak plug, nothning happens. I hyave replaced the spark plug, nothing happens. I have lightly sanded down the ignition points (as someone told me) still it doesn't wanna jump the gap. I am getting a charge, but I don't think its strong enough. Its a 6volt magento. Is there a possiibility the charge isn't strong enough, and does anyone have any suggestions on which parts of the magento I should replace first. I'm planning on replacing the condesor and ignition points, but i'm wondering if It's a problkem with the coils or the strength of the magnets. And could it be the ignition timing why Im not getting a spark,

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When you say that the wire from the magneto sparks, do you mean the small grey (mine is grey at least) wire that goes to the coil (usually white thing bolted to the frame under the gas tank)? If so, your coil might be bad if the wire to it sparks, but no sparks come from the plug. The coil sort of stores up electricity to make a more powerful spark. I had to replace mine. The spark is still too weak, so I am replacing the stator plate components.

I assume you've had the "joy" of taking things apart to get to your ignition... did you remove the cam? Were you able to use a wrench?

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Yeah I removed the cam with a wrench

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What sort of wrench did you use? We had to use an evil crescent wrench because we couldn't find another that was big enough. What did you use to hold the crankshaft in place while loosening the cam?

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you can jam the piston/crankshaft with a short piece of soft rope.. thread it through the spark plug hole..

Don't let the rope's end get into the exhaust port or the piston could cut and jam the rope in the port..

All you wanna do is "pad" the top of the piston.. and stop the piston from rising up to and over top-dead-center.

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Good idea. What diameter rope do you suggest? We had previosly used a wrench handle that was padded with rubber as a stroke limiter. I wouldn't have tried this but my friend is ASE certified so I figured I'd take his advice. Talk about "improvising." Ha!

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well, this idea is not mine..

afaik, donp first suggested it to the forum. He works on tons of small engines and this rope thing is sort of a "Universal Tool" for locking up any crankshaft to remove a nut or whatever..

As far as the size of the rope, i dunno.. 2 or 3 inches of some 5/8 nylon or cotton rope should do it on a 50cc moped engine.

not timing

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Timng effects when the spark happens, not if.


Re: not timing

please rephrase

Re: not timing

You want me to repgrase the problem?

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