Cady cam removal????

I purchased a new stator plate with working coils and condensor to alleviate my weak spark, and I need to get the cam off to replace it. (I already replaced the spark plug coil, so I know it's not the problem).

The problem is, the cam seems threaded on to the crank shaft and there isn't really anything on the cam that a wrench can go on. There are the slightest flat spots on either side, and the wrench barely went on and nearly stripped the hell out of them. Since it is threaded on, a puller isn't the solution, unlike on other Motobecane engines.

How do I get this cam off??

Re: Cady cam removal????

You may have rememebered me from another forum. Im the one that had a cady but had a weak spark and not enough charge from the magneto. Anyways, where did you buy the new parts for your Cady, because I need to know a place where I can get parts for a 197? Cady. Anyways, I the nut is stripped something you can use to get a grip on it is a Boa Constrictor. It's like a rubber belt that you can wrap around an object to get really good grip on something. It's also a good idea to use two sets of hand for a job like that.

Re: Cady cam removal????

I have bought most of my parts from eBay is always a place to check, too. However, the Cady is unlike the common Motobecane models, so you have to be careful when buying parts. For example, the clutch and magneto are on the same side of the engine and the clutch has to be removed in order to access the magneto.

My cady is also a "197?" ...these things seem to be mysterious to everyone.

Where can I find this Boa Constrictor tool? Is it a smaller device? I have a strap wrench that I use to hold the flywheel in place when removing the nut, but it is obviously way too big for the cam.

Thanks for the advice and good luck with your Cady. Feel free to exhance advice any time, I like to talk to other Cady owners!

Re: Cady cam removal????

Here is a pic of a Boa Constrictor, I live in Canada so I dont know what stores you can buy them at in the States.


Re: Cady cam removal????

Another Pic, Just click the link beside (Attachment:), you could probably buy them at Rona, or Home Depot or some place like that. Im not sure what the real name for them is but I know that there made by Mastercraft and they call it a Boa Constrictor. I'm no0t quite sure if this is the tool your looking for.


Re: Cady cam removal????

Yeah I think a strap wrench is the same thing as a boa constrictor. Anyways I did some research and found these things called Bolt Out Sockets, they're used to removes stripped bolts and nuts, (if thats what your trying to do). Craftsman makes them and they're available at Sears. Do they have "Sears" in the States? Anyways here's a link to the ""Bolt Out Sockets.""

Re: Cady cam removal????

Well I am trying to remove the cam (opens the ignition points) so I need a tool that doesn't damage it in any way. That boa constrictor thing might work, it looks like it can be adjusted small enough for what I need. Thanks.

Re: Cady cam removal????

I think I know what the cam is. Is it that part thats on the camshaft that basically stops the stator plate from falling off? Cause if it is I couldn't remove it either. Heres a pic, Its not the exact replica of the engine buit its a motobecane engine anyways. Is the cam that bolt on the left side of figure 2. It holds the stator plate on?


Re: Cady cam removal????

Well, yes. Sort of. With the Cady, the cam works as a bolt holding the plate on, but it's main purpose is to open and close the ignition point and trigger the spark plug.

That diagram is from an engine that is different from ours, like you said. The cam on the left there is what those bolts are going into the has 2 little holes on it. On the Cady, those bolts don't work because they are a puller that is supposed to thread into the cam. Our cam threads right onto the crankshaft and has to be unscrewed rather than pulled, it seems.

Re: Cady cam removal????

Yeah, thats exactly what my Cady is like. On the cam there are these little ramps (I guess you could say) and it triggers the ignition points. Now I see how It works.Yeah I havent been able to get mine off. Have you been to They have a variety of Moped Repair Manuals.

Re: Cady cam removal????

Yep I've been there, thanks though. I actually own the manual they have posted on there. Every time I look through it, I find more differences between my Cady and the common models listed in there. Argh!

However, someone from this site told me he was going to reproduce and mail me a Cady repair manual, I am waiting to get payment details from him.

I may just take the coils and condensor off of my new stator plate and put them on the old one since I can't get the &*^#ing cam off. I just hope I can find the proper rivets needed to attach the wires...

Re: Cady cam removal????


read this chain

I was up against the same cam (see the pic I posted in that chain), and I successfully got it off without any special tools.

Also, did you get the email I sent you with the info about the Cady manuals that I have? If not, please post what email I should use.



Re: Cady cam removal????

I got the email, and I wrote back, but maybe it got lost. I wanted to know how you would like me to send payment and to what house or paypal address. My email is I will send you another email.

Thanks for the thread, I looked at it, but all I could determine is that no one realized that the Cady engine differs from the 7/40/50 engine in that a cam puller does not work on it! (and the flywheel and clutch are both on the left). What did you use to remove your cam? We tried a wrench on those super tiny flat spots on either side of it, but one of them got a little stripped and we gave up.

Re: Cady cam removal????

Nate. when you ordered your new stator plate, does it come with all the coils and ignitiuon points as well. Cause I think Im gonna get a new one of those.I hooked the wire from my magneto up to a Voltometer, and it read 0.5 volts when it really should be 6 volts. I need a whole new stator plate i guess.

Re: Cady cam removal????

Yes the new plate comes with everything. I experienced the same problem regarding the voltage. I have not received the plate yet, I will let you know how it works.

Thanks to Thor, I now know how to remove the cam....

It is actually not threaded and can be removed with a different type of puller than on the other Motobecane engines. It's a thing with arms that hold onto the piece you are pulling, and a big washer with a clamp around it is put behind the cam to protect it.

Re: Cady cam removal????

Thanks Nate. I'm gonna buy a new Stator Plate from TheMopedJunkyard if thats where you got yours.

Re: Cady cam removal????

Wow, could you tell me who's making the Cady manual for you? I just got one in and I'm having speed problems. A manual would sure be handy.


Re: Cady cam removal????

Well I don't know if the guy wants to become the official Cady manual reproducer, so I'll have to see if he wants his identity to be revealed. Haha.

If not, I could always copy my copy and send it your way when I get it.

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