Help me fix my new ped

I just bought a 1977 Puch Maxi 2HP. It looks like it has been sitting for a while and needs help. Most of the cables are broken and need to be reattached.

Where does the stater cable connect to? It's hooked up to the lever, but I don't see anywhere to connect the other end.

There is no fuel valve/petcock. Also no fuel line connected to carb. Does the fuel line go from the valve to the carb? Where can I get these parts?

How do I know if I have a 1 or 2 speed trans?

Both side covers are missing. Do I need those?



Re: Help me fix my new ped

If the starter cable is hooked up to the lever on the handlebars, then you need to reattach it onto the clutch, or vice versa. Check out <> for parts for your puch. I think they have service manuals for puch online at <>. Hope this helps.

Re: Help me fix my new ped

it's a good idea to at least replace the left side cover, just to keep your air filter from falling out, the right side cover isn't much of a loss...

Re: Help me fix my new ped

Well the answer to your first question really depends on if the engine is a 1 speed or a 2 speed. The easiest way to tell is to look at the right side of the engine. If is is rectangular with 6 bolts and says PUCH it is a 2-speed. If is sort of shaped like a circle the one large screw at the bottom it is a 1-speed (also that screw is your transmission fluid fill screw). If the engine is a 1-speed there is a clip/lever on the right side. If it is a 2-speed there is a cap on top of that rectangular cover on the right side. the other end of the started/clutch cable screws into that. As for the fuel petcock it attached to the frame on the right side and there is a tube from that to the carb on the left side.

Go to for any parts you need... If you do have a 2-speed and you need a new started cable you will need to go to and have them make you one.

petcock you need


Re: Help me fix my new ped

this is the fule petcock


Re: Help me fix my new ped

And this is what a 2-speed looks like.

Hope it helps


Re: Help me fix my new ped

Ok, so I have a 1speed motor. I'm also missing the right side engine cover, the lever where the cable should attach is not there. What parts are needed to get me going? What is underneath that right side cover? Now I just see a round piece that spins when I crank the pedals. Where can I get a new cover,lever,and related parts. Thanks a lot.


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