Garelli Clutch Stuck

My clutch is stuck on so I dont need to pull the lever to start it, and when I pedal around it turns the engine, I checked the cable, it is loos and the starter lever is all of the way disengaged.

I just got a 1981 Garelli Rally Sport, originally it did not work, the clutch did not engage so I took it apart and found that the nut that holds the clutch hub on was completely off. So I took the c ring off then went in and bolted it back in there, I put that washer behind the bolt, and the splined washer behind the hub. Got the hub tight, and put on rubber body and starter disk. filled it with non detergent 30 wt oil. Then went to start it and the clutch stays one...... lever has no effect on it, the start lever on the motor is all of the way retracted, so I think I may have assempled the clutch wrong, can anyone please help me?

Re: Garelli Clutch Stuck

Ok I solved the problem, I had that splined washer on backwards, it works great now!

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