broken gasket bolts

i recently purchased an 83 fa50 suzuki shuttle and after a lil work it ran pretty good. My gasket was leaking though, so i loosened the bolts n all and began to tighten then about a quater turn at a time in the x pattern, an next thing i kno bang the bolt just snapped off. I got pretty frustrated n stupidly started it up it ran leaking a lil but hell it ran so i rode it.. well bout an hour later it just starts like screaming n shuts off i knew the gasket was gapped n i turned the bolts with my hands n the left one was loose. I figured i could lok tite the bolts on so they wouldnt come off but when i took it apart the other bolt on the side of the broken bolt was cracked almost all the way threw n then just fell off. Now my question is how do i repair this my dad is a machinest so he may be able to help me out alot here but i need to kno where to start like do the rods unscrew out of the engine or are they set into it when it was cast . any information is much appreciated. thanks

Re: broken gasket bolts

The studs are screwed in. Cylinder studs are usually tightened to only about 10 pound feet of torque.. 10 pound feet is almost nothin.. any more and they snap easily. So, you should always use a small inch-pound torque wrench or risk breaking them again..

I heard a good trick to remove one thats broken off flush, instead of drilling them out and using those stud-remover things...

Position a small nut onto whatever broken stud end is still sticking out and weld the inside of the nut onto the broken stud's end. Then just use a wrench and unscrew it. New studs should be easy to find.. a good hardware store might have a bolt or something that can be adapted.

Running with broken or loose cylinder studs or with a head gasket leak is like begging to destroy a few things. There's a good chance that at least the head is now warped. So, everything should be disassembled and carefully examined and repaired before you run it again.

Re: broken gasket bolts

If I were in your shoes, I'd be looking for a parts motor for that bike, at least to get the cylinder studs. Unfortunately, Suzuki is notorious for dropping parts support as soon as it's legally allowable to do so.. so I doubt that you will be able to order OEM parts. It is worth a try, though.

I would not replace the single broken stud with a generic part. The studs are designed specifically for the required tension, and thermal expansion characteristics of the top end. Uniform expansion / contraction is very important to keeping things true, and preventing gasket failures.

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