Looking For Throttle Cable

HI this is sam strain iam located in Ontario Canada iam looking for a throttle cable for my Bombardier Puch Moped ... If an y body could help me i would apprciate it

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

Bruce Wilkinson /

Hi Sam. Bruce in Toronto here. You may be able to use a bicycle rear brake cable for that throttle cable. I have used one on my Vespa mopeds and not had a problem. The end 'bulb' may have to be filed smaller to fit in the carb. I have never worked on a puch so I don't know how it looks. Maybe someone else can give you a better idea if one will work. Good Luck, bruce

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

See Ya Moped Army /

Get a pack of bicycle tune-up cables from Walmart. You get 4 cables for under $5. Use the cable with the smallest end fitting. You may need to file/dremel the end down a bit, but it works perfectly. You can use the rest of the cables for brake cables and clutch cables.

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

I wish my Wal-Mart was like yours.. the one near me has very few practical items in the bicycle department. A lot of this West Coast Choppers crap, but not even a basic set of BMX bike grips, and no cables that I noticed.

Then again, I do live in the ghetto. Guess they assume that folks down here aren't interested in doing any repair work, just hanging a bunch of tacky bling on their bikes. And Target used to be great for this stuff, but these days, you can just about forget it.

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

you can get one custome made at this website


good price too!

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

thanks you all

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

Well, low and behold, Wal-Mart stocked up, and I got a set of those cheap-ass cables they sell.

Quality is not bad at all.. and they look very useful & adaptable. Thanks for the tip, MoPedLar.

As an aside, I also bought one of their cheap chain mender (breaker) tools for $2.50. It came with a spare tool tip, and instructions on how to replace it.

Funny part is, the design is not what the instructions say it is, and the pin cannot be replaced without some work on a lathe - or at least some very careful grinding. Lol.

i hate walmart with a burning passion

I hate walmart, mostly for their pisspoor ethics and policies ect. Ill spare you my soap box speach.

I bought those $5 walmart cables, but mine have been stretching an incredible amount. I know cables stretch, but ive never seen anything like this before.

Re: i hate walmart with a burning passion

Hell, I used a damn bicycle shift cable for my throttle.

Re: i hate walmart with a burning passion

a bombadier is a Canadian Maxi... you should be able to get it at http://mopedwarehouse.com/catalog/default.php/cPath/50?PHPSESSID=5680a107a8f5f722b6f8cf5b17f2ca0f

Re: i hate walmart with a burning passion

Don Pflueger /

me too. bought it at wal mart and have no problems with it at all.

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

Iam looking for one to can you tell me where i can get one....in canada

Re: Looking For Throttle Cable

Yeah where do you get one in canada

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