QT 50 Main jet alteration....

Hey Andy and everyone else.

I did the solder on the main jet. It worked awesome. The stuttering is gone. I can go full throttle and gained at least 3-4 mph outa it. It does the full 27 mph now. I also got the measurement for the hole i made. Its .022". Andy used the craft wire, i wasn't sure what size so i used a tip cleaner for a oxy/accetaline ( i hope i spelled that right) torch. It has about 12 diffrerent size wires for cleaning misc tips. There kinda like mini files. I sprayed the smallest one with some silicone lube. And this kept the solder from sticking to it. I also twisted it as it cooled. I pulled this out. ran it in and out a few times to make sure the hole was clear and ran it. it cut out at about half throttle. So i went the next size wire up. The .022" and it did it. It was a fairly east job to do. I filled the hole completely. So its even all the way through. Thanks again andy for the tip. it worked great. Better than buying a new jet, plus you can fine tune it from here. especially with those wires. I'm going to doa plug chop on it and see what it looks like. Maybe tonight if i get to take it for a ride. I did not alter my air filter either its left stock. just wanted to add that. some people have drilled the holes in there filter housing when they did this.

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