moby gas tank

how do i clean this thing???

it has a bit of rust in the tank,(not to much)

but the tank it built on the body, not bolted on...

how do i clean it

Re: moby gas tank

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

good luck with that one. i have seen people post that they got a hold of a friend for this one. first off drain the tank. second if it is really bad they say pour some solvent in and some bb's or the like to knock the rust off. then comes the fun part of you and your friend shacking the bike and turining it and all the fun stuff. after that they suggest kreaming the tank to seal it. that again takes a couple of people. if the tank isnt that bad just put an inline fuel filter in and live with it. i have just a little bit of rust in mine and its fine.

Re: moby gas tank

yeah it isnt too bad so i may jsut put in the inline fuel filter...

thanx for the advice man

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