Puch Repair

Does anyone know where I can get a 1979 Puch reapaired in the Detroit area?

Re: Puch Repair

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

http://hometown.aol.com/bikemd6/BikeTech.html They sell Solex so they may be able to help you. Jim.

Re: Puch Repair

Ike's Bikes in ohio. he ships and has everything. www.ikesbikes.com

Re: Puch Repair

you know unless your Puch is reaalllllllyyyyy trashed you _could_ probably just fix it yourself...

Re: Puch Repair

Jason Luther /

yeah come on. have you even tried? what are the symptoms?

Re: Puch Repair

agreed. Not to be condescending, but you will feel really good about yourself if you fix up your own ped, and you will learn alot about the process. A big part of owning a ped is knowing it in and out for maintainance.

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