Puch bearings: What's the difference?

Label me ignorant, but I am still confused. My page from the Puch parts manual says that the engine (E50) requires bearings 6203, 6203Z and a STEYR 6203 with retaining ring.

The mopedwarehouse has something labelled a "left" bearing and a "right" bearing. What the hell? I have FOUR bearings on my E50. What, exactly, is the "left" and "right" bearing? Shouldn't it be "bearings?" Wouldn't it be more precise to just list the specific numbers of the replacements?At $14 per plus shipping, I sure want to know what I am getting is the right one (ones?).

Anyone know what this actually means? What SPECIFIC bearings the "left" and "right" designations imply?

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

well.. 6203 and 6203Z are industry standard numbers.. the "Z" refers to a metal shield (or the letter "L" for a plastic seal) on one side. A 6203ZZ would be shielded on both sides.. 6203LL is shielded on both sides.

Additional things like the inclusion of a retaining ring that fits in a groove in the outer race... or bearings that have an extended inner race.. would have another letter designation or number.

These numbers vary by manufacturer. A NTN 6203ZZ is a SKF 6203-2Z.. Fafnir calles it a 203KDD .. NSK also uses 6203ZZ. There are manufacturer bearing number crossover charts like with sparkplug numbers.

but anyway, the left and right bearings could be different in terms of size or shielding or whatever. It doesn't really matter what's there if you just take a look at the bearing and get the number off it.

Then buy a replacement from a bearing supplier. Any local industrial hardware supplier is gonna have something as common as a 6203 (and it's variations) in stock... maybe $4 or so.

Vehicle / machine manufacturers do not manufacture their own special bearings.. they buy them off the shelf and so can you. All you need is the number off the bearing. The number is usually engraved into the edge of the outer race.

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

John Joedicke /

Well said, right to the point on bearings. Any bearing/seal supplier can get the bearing for you and they are not $14 items.

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

Thanks to joew. Always on the ball. Thanks especially for the cross reference fact; didn't know of that, though it makes perfect sense.

However, I must say that, incredibly, my entire state has exactly ONE bearing supply house (can we say "monopoly?") and that the bearings DO, in fact cost closer to the $14 per than the $4 mentioned by double. I was quoted at almost $19 per bearing for the rear Magnum MKII wheel bearing! Get this, the seals were quoted at about $9. EACH! So, you can see why I might be hunting elsewhere and asking questions. Anyone know any large West Coast bearing houses they care to recommend? Even with shipping, the damn things must be cheaper than here.

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?


unless you have the star rims with sealed bearings, you should be able to get loose bearings at a bicycle shop, i have always picked them up there, more like a bag of 30 loosed ball beaarings for a couple bucks

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

John Joedicke /

Know any body who works in a manufacturing industry? Ask them to order for you at there rates. Any pump shop should be able to get common bearins like 6304"s etc. They should not cost you that much. Very common size.

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

John Joedicke /

Whoops 6203 Shielded 2 sides. Bore 17 mm or.6693" OD 40 mm or 1.5748" , width 12 mm or .4724" They also come shielded one side and also with a steel retainer ring. Skf, Fag,Bca,Fafnir,Hoover,Ndh, etc.

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

See Ya Moped Army /

You can get bearings at $5 each, but you have to buy them in large quantities. I had to purchase a minimum of 25 bearings and 50 seals of each size that I needed, to get the reduced prices.

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

I'm looking in my Grainger catalog .. the 6203ZZ is $6.26 (cat # 1L016) (www.grainger.com)

W.W. Grainger is all over the country.. all 50 States, canada, puerto rico, etc. You dont say what State you're in and i see Alaska has only one Grainger.. but whatever..

Technically they only sell to businesses. However they sell stuff to all types of businesses and someone might let you see their catalog and order through them.

But every town has some hardware store or something that gets replacement ball bearings for people.. gotta be someone local you can order them from.


One caution about double shielded bearings.. if the bearing is on a crankshaft, i imagine the inner side would be open (no seal/shield) so engine oil will lube the bearing. Although you can carefully pop the shield out of one side of a bearing, get the correct ones if possible and install them correctly.

Re: Puch bearings: What's the difference?

Thanks to everyone so far. Joew, I do have a Grainger catalogue; gotta check the number. I also have been checking online for bearings. One guy had the 6203rs bearings which he said were adaptable; just pull out the rubber seal carefully. At least I know there are more options than just the local shop. Brett--the bearings I referred to were the crank and drive gear bearings. The one Magnum bearing was a cased bearing from the post 1980 rims when Puch went from individual ball bearings to the encased ones more like motorcycles. The single ones are easier (and cheaper by far). I think the cased ones were 6001 (but I don't have the reference with me, so I won't swear). In any event, I am hopeful of getting what I need for less than the quotes locally. (Does anyone else feel that nearly $9 for each seal--i.e., almost as expensive as bearings--is ludicrous?).

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