Please help ID some 50V parts!

I took my 50V out for a ride on Saturday when I first got it running. When I got back, I noticed that the back of the front fender was splattered with oil that had sprayed out from around the exhaust. Not good! So I need to get serious about buying (or maybe making) one of these copper exhaust gaskets. Here are the parts I currently have:

The exhaust was assembled with the flat side of the ring facing the block, and the concave side of the ring facing the pipe. It's not copper, as it sticks to a magnet. Is it supposed to be in there, or is it someone's attempt at substituting for the copper ring? If it does belong, is it facing the right way? And where would the copper ring go in relation to it, between it and the pipe, or between it and the block?


Re: Please help ID some 50V parts!

Oops, the pictures make it look like I have two rings... those are just the two different sides of one ring.

Re: Please help ID some 50V parts!

Yes, that part is incorrect. Should be a copper gasket.. Yours looks like a seal from a ball bearing or something.

There's recently been some talk about this gasket, and where to find it. Copper gaskets like this are standard industry items, and when I have a chance, I'm going to check the McMaster-Carr catalog.

I'm sure there are a number of Japanese bikes that use a part, which will work fine. Need to figure out which models those are.

Re: Please help ID some 50V parts!

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

call 1977 mopeds. they have all kinds of parts for motobecanes and if i remember right they have about a half dozen of the gaskets in question. the number is

(269)344-1977. they are open tue-fri 12:30 till 6 and sat and sun 12:30-4

Re: Please help ID some 50V parts!


Thanks for the advice. If this part doesn't belong there, any idea why the exploded views of the exhaust on and show at least two rings/washers between the exhaust and block? I thought this might be one of them.

As for McMaster, I already tried looking there, with no luck. They do have some woven ceramic gasketing material that might work. I looked in Grainger and MSC as well. I'm thinking about getting some small diameter (1/8") soft copper tubing and bending it into a hoop, or else annealing some 3/4" ID copper pipe to make it maleable, cutting a 1/2" length of it and hammering the ends so they flare out.

Another question for you: can you get the spark plug out without removing your engine from its mounts? There's no way I can get a long socket between the plug and frame. Is there a commonly available tool for doing this, maybe a wrench with a zig-zag handle?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Please help ID some 50V parts!

Awesome, thanks for the tip, Mike! I just talked to Dave at 1977 Mopeds, he's sending me one for $4 total... mopedjunkyard wanted $4 for the part, plus ~$10 for S/H.

Well, that's one part down, a couple dozen to go!

Re: Please help ID some 50V parts!

Yep, you can get it out, but you need to make a tool for it..

I have a number of old plug tools from motorcycle toolkits, basically just a piece of tubing swaged to a 13/16" hex.

You have to cut the tool down, so it can get on & off the plug, then either weld on a handle, or drill two holes and make a bail style handle from some 3/16" round stock.

Good info on McMaster, Grainger etc. Thanks for the legwork.

Re: Please help ID some 50V parts!

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

when you are trying to get your plug out, and im sure you already know this but, sit in front of your bike and push your foot on the pipe. this will rock your engine forward enough to have a little more room in there. i have one of those wpark plug wrenchs ledendre is talking about. you can get them at small engine places, motorcycle shops and the like.

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