fixing up the puch this weekend

just ordered the HP200 kit from the moped junk yard. hopefully everything will fit and not too many headaches. if anyone has any experience with the 78 newport help in advance before i go crazy would be appreciated



Re: fixing up the puch this weekend

Timothy Kruger /

My wife has a 77 Puch Maxi. They are easy to work on. My suggestion is to use blue locktight on all of the screws that you can. These things will vibrate all of the covers loose over time. Also install a inline fuel filter. At that age some rust in the tank is not uncommon. It is easier to replace a $2.00 filter than to clean the carb. Finally avoid Champion spark plugs. I have used NGK with good luck. I started a thread looking for any other brands that worked well and most responded with the same thing.

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