Reviving a CIAO

Hi everyone,

I'm the proud new owner of a 75 Ciao with 500 original miles.

The bike is spottless, however as to be expected wont' start.

Any thoughts on reviving a bike thats been in good storage for 30 years? Should I change the belt?

I figure I'll;

-clean the carb

-fuel lines

-transmission oil

-moisten air filter

-adjust brakes

-inflate tires

-new spark plug

am I missing anything here? theres no rust no carbon, like new condition, so I figure I dont' even have to ppen up the cylinder.

future plans to switch to variable speed... down the line, new ehxaust etc....

Re: Reviving a CIAO

did you buy the ciao in montreal?

i'll give you 200$ for it

im comming soon


Re: Reviving a CIAO

Bruce Wilkinson /

My Ciao is exactly the same model, only a 1972. Same tail light, seat and headlight. Not many with that combination around. I saw it for sale, wished I was close to Montreal. A good tank flush and carb clean wuold be a good start.Check Freds guide in the article section. There is a manual over at under moped repair. I think that's a classic and if it were mine I wouldn't modify it at all, but that's me. bruce

Re: Reviving a CIAO

Let me know if you need any parts for your project.

You may want to squirt a little oil or wd40 in the spark plug hole and rotate the engine a few times to free up the rings and lube the cyl walls.

check your fuel petcock in all positions to see if you have good fuel flow. Petcock may need a bit of cleaning also

Re: Reviving a CIAO

Thanks for the advice guys...

BTW what are the petcok positions, I mean, if the lever is down, does that mean off? which is reserve.



Re: Reviving a CIAO

Normally DOWN is when you have a Full tank, however sometimes the internal workings get twisted and Down may be something else. Pull the fuel off the petcock and test it with at least 1/4 tank. You can find out which is OFF.

The only way to tell for sure which is Reserve and Full is to remove the petcock and check the inside or let the moped run out of Gas in the DOWN position and see if it will still run for awhile in the UP (Reserve ) position

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