rusty gas tank

i recently purchased a '78 puch newport and it has a rust gas tank that needs to be cleaned. my friends have all used the 3 step process on their tanks and it has worked very well for them. but, with the puch, the gas tank is not removable. is there an easier way to clean the tank, but especially coat the tank, without lifting it up and flipping it around? also, any input or about this moped in general would be much appreciated, as this is my first puch...


Re: rusty gas tank

You should search the forum.. this topic is very well covered.

Give a Yamaha dealer a call, and ask them for one of the Yamaha tank cleaning/conditioning kits. It's a two-step kit, doesn't use a Kreem-like coating.

Re: rusty gas tank

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Re: rusty gas tank

Ive heard bad about that Kreem stuff for rusty tanks

some people I know said if fu*** with the carb

Re: rusty gas tank

i know you can go to the hardware store and buy muriatic acid and it will clean the tank spotless. you have to make sure and put diesel in it as soon as you are done, though. if not, it will rust up again. you really shouldn't have a lot of problems using mixed gas afterward. but make sure that you remove the pet-cock and fuel cap. you just have to plug the holes with rags. oh yea, make sure you do it outside in the fresh air!

Re: rusty gas tank

Go to I used their product on mu Puch and was thrilled!

Re: rusty gas tank

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

if you do end up kreeming the tank or using a product that is much the same, tie your bike into a tree and get someone to help you flip is and what not. also anything that is easy to take off do because it makes it very easy with a lighter bike.

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