Second test - WOOT!!

I pulled apart the carb on the Motobecane again today, and found that the pilot circuit was fine, but the main jet had re-clogged itself after my first cleaning. This is a pretty typical thing to have happen. I just didn't get enough of the crud out of the jet body, and the loosened crud was free to plug things up again.

Engine runs like a charm! I couldn't be more pleased. Seems to have good power, starts to really pull at about 15mph. I'm not taking it over 15 for now, as the brakes are just pathetic. Once it's warm, I can kickstart it with a single kick, on the stand.

Still need to fix the engine mounting situation. At full RPM, when the variator pulls the engine all the way back, there is a pulley that grinds on another part. Really threw some sparks. A couple other details too; brake light not working, airbox cover broken, needs a mirror and grips, etc.

Anyway, a big thanks to everyone who assisted me here. I finally got to take a ride.

Re: Second test - WOOT!!

Jason Luther /

cool beans. make sure the brake cables have the proper tension, and if that doesnt help take the hubs apart and clean the brake shoes and drums well. grease the bearings while youre in there too.

Re: Second test - WOOT!!

Sweet. If the airbox cover is broken around the screw hole, try supergluing a washer in the reccessed area. I have done this a few times, and it makes them better then new. $5 bmx grips at Walmart work great. I bought some engine mounts from mopedlar, but I had trouble trying to install them. I think I need to fabricate a puller. If you find a good way to install mounts let me know

Re: Second test - WOOT!!

Hey Dan,

Yeah, I was just about to get myself a thin brass washer and glue it to the broken area. I like the Devcon Plastic Welder, it's a 2-part like an epoxy. It works great, fills big gaps, and hardens very quickly.

Thanks on the grip tip. I've got a Wally World up the street. Go you corporate juggernaut, go!

There is no easy way to remove/install the flexiblock mounts without tooling. It's easy enough to fabricate or fake the installer, but the remover is trickier. You might be able to do it in one step, using a large socket, a hardened washer and a long hardened bolt & nut. Basically, use the new bushing to push out the old one into the socket as it's installed. No idea how tight the press fit is, so this could be very difficult, or quite easy.

I suspect that they could be removed (destructively) by putting a drill through the rubber area, and then using a sabersaw to cut outwards through the outer bushing. Once you have a clean cut, the bushing should come out. Two cuts at 180 degrees and it would for sure.

I wonder how MoPedLar does it.. Larry?

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