Fixing a 1987 Motomarina Raven

I just bought an 87 Motomarina Raven that needs some work. I reattached the coil wire but there are 3 other wires that hook up around the same area of the engine and are shaped like little loops that may tighten down with bolts, but I am not sure where. Also the rear brakes are not working, how can I check to make sure everything is working ok with those?? The engine turns and sounds like it wants to start, so I know it isn't frozen. According to the speedo it has over 7k miles on it but ran a year ago before some dumb kid decided to tear it down to repaint, then changed his mind and forgot how everything goes back together. Any tips or help would be appreciated :) Thanks


Re: Fixing a 1987 Motomarina Raven


A wiring diagram will be helpful in figuring out where those wires go. When you say 'little loops' do you mean that the wires are terminated with ring-lugs? My guess, is that they go to the coils, in the magneto. Color code on the wiring diagram will tell you which coils, etc.

In case you don't know this (forgive me if you do) to 'terminate' a wire, means to attach something to the end of it. That thing is usually a 'lug', and there are four common lug styles - 'spade', 'forked', 'bullet' and 'ring'.

The spade and bullet styles have interconnecting male & female types, the others do not, as they are intended to be secured by a screw or bolt.

As for the brakes, search the forums.. there is a Moped Dictionary thread, and I made an entry on brakes that covers some common issues. There are other good threads on brakes as well.

Re: Fixing a 1987 Motomarina Raven

Thanks Legendre. I figured it out finally what the wires are for. There were turn signals on the rear at one time and they have been removed, but the 3 wires are still there. (I'm not 100%) but I am pretty sure that's what they were for. I'm also having trouble finding where to mount the coil. It's ok that you told me what terminate means. I'm very novice at the workings of a moped, but I'm very willing to learn. If I'm gonna have a moped, then I want to know how to fix it myself, or at least the basics. I'll check out the forums to see if I can find the threads about brakes and things. Also, the handle to the petcock is loose all the way to the base part of the petcock. I haven't put gas into the moped yet, but I think the petcock might leak. Is there any way to tighten it or will I need a new one?? Thanks, any more tips or advice would be greatfully appreciated!!

Re: Fixing a 1987 Motomarina Raven

I might be wrong about the turn signal theory. I don't have a clue where those 3 wires go. Where would I get a wiring diagram for this moped?? The wires are grey and are terminated (new word in my vocab thanks to legendre) with ring lugs. (I think)

Re: Fixing a 1987 Motomarina Raven

See Ya Moped Army /

If they have rings on the end, they are probably ground wires and need to be grounded somewhere on the frame. The best place would be one of the mounting bolts for the coil.

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I am not even sure where to mount the coil and there aren't any bolts to mount it with. The kid I got it from sold the pedals for it (don't have a clue why) and the fuel line is also missing. I've emailed to a few places to see if they have wiring diagrams, and also the parts I need to see her running well. Where on earth would I mount the coil?? There's a small area between the fram and engine but there's no where I can see that it mounts too.

Re: Fixing a 1987 Motomarina Raven

Leon Swarmer /


for fuel line go to a hardware store and ask for mower fuel line. While you are there also ask for an in-line fuel filter.

it will have an arrow on the package to tell you which way to put it in. The Raven may not have had one previously, but they can save you a tremendous amount of trouble.

Often there is a small place under the fuel tank for the coil, but I don't know your ped, so that may be way off


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There is a filter attached to the carb. I checked and it seems to have been cleaned recently. Also the coil does fit nicely in a spot below the seat between the frame and the engine but there is no place to mount it, unless there was a piece that held it there. Also I am not sure which side to put the coil wire. It seems to go either way but I'm not sure. Also up by where the coil attaches to the spark plug, there is a small screw and clamp, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere on the front end to attach it, unless there was another piece there. I'm not all that educated about mopeds, but I'm trying to learn. I put the carb back on this one myself and made sure it was tightened down, I tightened the petcock and faced it in the correct direction, and I also checked the filter on the carb to make sure it was clean. I think with a new spark plug and some mixed gas, it would start right up. It seems to have good compression when I turn the pedals, and the exhaust doesn't have oil or any burnt smell to it, so I'm thinking it should fire right up with a spark plug and some gas (of course a gas line). Just afraid that with the petcock being really loose, it might all leak out. So I may just try a tiny bit of gas to see if she'll fire up or not. I'll keep everyone updated on what happens tomorrow when I try to start it the first time.

Re: Fixing a 1987 Motomarina Raven

Oh if I forgot to mention...the photo I posted is not the actual moped, but is the same model/year as mine. Mine is white (repainted from black) and has a longer seat that extends out over the back rack. Pretty nice moped overall.

Re: No spark...should I worry?

Ok. The head of the spark plug is missing and I don't know for sure if this has anything to do with it, but it isn't sparking. Most likely it is the problem, but I just want to make sure. Also the 3 wires I keep asking about go up the frame and to the lights switch. Now can anyone tell me what they are lol?? I know most aren't very well associated with this moped but it does have a minarelli v-1 engine...if that gives anyone a clue as to what it could be. I'll try to get pics, but I am not sure if I can. Please please can anyone help me??? I really am at a loss for what these wires are for or where the hell to put them. Thanks again everyone for listening to me lol...I just want to get this up and running.

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