motobacane exhaust

i wasnt sure where to post this...

i may be getting a motobacane mobylette that has no muffler

i would obviously like to put one on but is it worth buying a replacement or should i just get a preformance and if so will it fit or will i have to screw with it to put it on?

Re: motobacane exhaust

there is no easily attained performance muffler for motobecane.

Someone told me I could get on at but I did not see any that would fit

I have a spare stock moby muffler. it is dented, and poorly painted black, but it will work.

see if there is a copper O ring still in the exhaust port of the cylinder. if there is not, you will need another.

Re: motobacane exhaust

Motobecane exhausts show up constantly on eBay. In fact, I think there are two up there for auction right now.

Re: motobacane exhaust

it is a mobylette if that matters and how muh would you want for it

Re: motobacane exhaust

thanx for the info ill check them out

Re: motobacane exhaust

If you have trouble finding one I will sell you mine for $10+$5 shipping

Viva la motobecane

Re: motobacane exhaust

haha rock thanx for the help

Re: motobacane exhaust

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