nut on tank tap on puch help!

the nut that connects the fuel filter/petcock to the bike itself is missing. I have two bikes only one nut.

Who would you suggest I order from? I could get my japanese parts from the local honda place.

Also, someone said they think that double sided nut connecting the petcock to the output tank nipple comes with any petcock replacement kit... does this sound right?

If anyone can reccomend a shop on the east coast or at least 'middle' of the US, that would be awesome because I don't want to wait for a ground shipment from california... I'm in maine so a NJ or FLA supplier would be perfect.

thanks a million.


Re: nut on tank tap on puch help!

Both nuts and a washer come with each new petcock..

Chris at has them. There are two types... I highly recommend getting the better of the two... the cheaper of the two is an Italian after market one and not worth the difference in the 5 bucks or so youll save... go with the good on.. it'll last much longer!

Just order it online and it will come Priority mail in three days or so!

Re: nut on tank tap on puch help!

Thanks Frat.

Those freakin bikes are getting me wound up.. plus I haven't been riding because the weather is awful.

Knowing I don't have to track down that nut is good. I was in the hexnut/compression fitting area for an hour last night.

I'll get the wife to order today--



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