most speed for cheapest price?

I want to get my tomos lx to be able to hit 80km+ without struggling at all...

is raptor the only thing out there if so where is the cheapest place to get it and how hard is it to put on yourself?

is there anything else to speed them up thats under $350cdn ?

Re: most speed for cheapest price?

80kmh = 50mph. This is a long reach. I do not think a pipe only will get you there. This means a oversize kit and large $$$

Re: most speed for cheapest price?

they go 70 km/h already


If you loose weight you go faster.

The less mass the motor has to move, the more free power it has.

Re: diet

and that can also save money. Thats about as cheap as it gets!

eat all you want..

nope.. weight (mass) affects the rate of acceleration but not speed.

Top speed depends on how much energy is required to overcome wind resistance, rolling friction and internal part friction at that speed.

Hard, skinny tires (to lower rolling resistance), quality internal parts (reducing internal friction) and a lower drag coefficient (lowering wind resistance) will increase vehicle top speed. Lesser gross weight won't help.

Without those various losses, the theoretical top-speed of a locomotive powered by a moped engine would be the speed of light... although it might take a while to get up there :)

Re: eat all you want..

What will a 70 cc engine give you in terms of top speed???

Re: eat all you want..

there's more to it than engine size .. the World Record for a 50cc 2-stroke engine is 140 mph, set back in 1966. Check it out here

Grab this neat little (440K) video from a neighboring page.. MPG movie (for Windows, you could hold the Shift key and click the link and "Save As".. and then view it.)

Wind resistance is the big thing at high speeds .. Double your road speed and the power required to overcome the additional wind resitance is cubed.

So, a bike that uses 5 horsepower to overcome wind resistance at 50 mph would require (5x5x5=) 125 horsepower to overcome the wind at (50x2=) 100 mph. So, streamlining is a vital part of it.

Around here, people talk about going near 45-50 mph or more with a properly set up 70cc kitted bike .. which seems very reasonable.

Re: eat all you want..

The Raptor Kit should get you to about the 80kph speed you want, especially if you also install a speed sprocket.

As far as the best price goes try both Ike and Moped Warehouse, see links in resource section of this site. Depending on the exchange rate you may be able to get the Raptor Kit for what you have to spend.

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