Honda Hobbit PA50 mods

Has anyone ever modified their Honda Hobbit? I hate having to disassemble the entire bike just to remove the carb. I am about the cut out the airbox all together and change carb and/or filter arrangement.

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50 mods

Just add a performance exhaust (an expansion chamber). Since it's hard to find one for the hobbit, adapt one from some other application. This will probably require a bit of welding just so the pipe somehow fits on the bike.. The particular characterists of the pipe you choose are pretty much irrelevant.

This one modification on an otherwise 100% stock machine will get you up to around 38 mph while maintaining low-speed performance.


As far as removing the carb, it's not necessary to disassemble the bike, but you do have to drop the engine. I use and prefer THIS method for a couple reasons...

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50 mods

joew: any answer to the email I sent you?

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50 mods has a number of performance parts for the hobbit, or as it was called in canada and europe, the Camino. You can get pipes, kits, carbs and intake upgrades.... Go to town.

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50 mods

There have been many threads on this subject, some quite recently. Do a search on Honda, or Hobbit, or PA50II

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50 mods

i posted what i thought was a decent article on the subject a couple of months back you can find it using the search functionality outside of that i do want to again warn people that there is not always a 100% correspondence between hobbit and camino so caveat emptor and have fun !!

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