TFR mirror vibration?

When I rode my new TFR yesterday I could barely see what was behind me when looking in the mirror.

The moped vibrates the mirror at a high frequencey thus causing the image to become blurred.

Is this common for the TFR?

What can I do to fix this problem?

Rubber pads or something where the mirror connects?

I was going to order the right side mirror for $9.75 but I don't want to if it does the same thing.

Anyone else have this problem?

Re: TFR mirror vibration?

Its a common thing, I think it would be a feat to have one not vibrate. I can still see through mine good enough to get away.

Re: TFR mirror vibration?

Yeah, same here. i can still see cars, and objects like people. You said your TFR was new? Were u going full speed?

Re: TFR mirror vibration?

Elliot /

I was only going 3/4 throttle.

Usually this equates to 20-25mph; down hills 32mph.

I am excited about getting this moped broken in and then riding it full throttle full time!!

I am going to look into getting an expansion chamber (exhaust).

If I can get 5mph more out of the exhaust then I will purchase one.

Do any of you people have an expansion chamber on your Kinetic TFR?

What kind of performance do you get from the pipe?


Re: TFR mirror vibration?

You could always have a custom pipe made. Who makes that carb anyway?

Re: TFR mirror vibration?

uh shouldn't be going over 20mph, esprecially 32mph when you are in the stage of breaking your TFR in...

Re: TFR mirror vibration?

About the vibration, this is a very common problem with motorcycles and mopeds in general. I tend to use bar-end mirrors, which vibrate much less. If you can find one of the quality bar-ends that has a rubber mount, that will make a big difference.

But even the rigid mounted ones are better than a regular stalk mirror, with respect to vibration control.

If your mirror has an adjustable stalk, try changing the length - and thus the tuned frequency - of the mirror.

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