ok i have cleaned my carb and exhaust, and was not able to gain anymore speed so i am thinking that 25 is my limit haha

so i want to put on new sprockets cause i was told that would get me going a bit faster. now i counted the teeth on the rear sprocket and it has 50. i wasnt able to get to the front cause it was a long day of doing the carb for the first time, which went well thanx fratbone and donp.

so what is the general procedure for this and is it fairly simple

i cant imagine it would be difficult. i belive donp told me ikes bikes has them and could help but there doesnt seem to be much on the web site in terms of products unless i am being dim...

Re: sprocket!!!

trying to keep the post new to get some answeres

Re: sprocket!!!

what kind of bike?

Re: sprocket!!!

batavus badger i belive its a 78'

Re: sprocket!!!

contact ike at ikes bike. His email is on the page.

Keep in mind that changing the sproket to get you more speed will sacrifice your acceleration.

Re: sprocket!!!

hmmm.. how can i counter that?

Re: sprocket!!!

Check the timing


and then check the compression

Re: sprocket!!!

if there is something wrong with these things, fixing them may increase my speed?

i did a small amount of research and i came to the conclusion that i have the 25 mph model of the batavus badger. i belive there are 3 different 20 25 and 30, i wish the 30 was me. i will still check those things just to be 100%

Re: sprocket!!!

Yes, timing being off, and compression being low effect speed greatly.

setting timing changes the point during the engine revolution that the spark plug sparks. Compression is what makes your bike go. Bad compression means you are loosing power.

Re: sprocket!!!

thanx ill check that out this afternoon

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