VIN number 197? caDy

I have a very old caDy and i have searched up and down the whole moped and i have had no luck finding the Vehicle identification number. if anyone knows where i could find it that would be amazing. Thankyou

Re: VIN number 197? caDy

John Joedicke /

Well if you can find one give the DOT the engine number and tell them it didn't come with one of the wonderfull 17 digit things. Who can dispute it.

Re: VIN number 197? caDy

Good Point. I basically wanted to know the VIN number so I could find out the exact year the Cady is. because I'm having problems with the Magneto and I need to know whether it was made prior to 1978 because they had 6 volt magnetos before 1978 but after they had 12 volt magnetos. I need to know the voltage so I can buy new parts for whichever volatge the magneto is.

Re: VIN number 197? caDy

Timothy Kruger /

If you need to know if you have a 12 or 6 volt system remove the bulb from the tail or head light. If it is a 6 volt bulb you have a 6 volt. A 12 volt bulb and you most likely have a 12 volt system. Hope this helps.

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