exhaust how to clean it

How to clean it without using FIRE, is there anythign else i can do to clean it any liquids? plz help me

Re: exhaust how to clean it

i've heard of some people soaking the exhaust with carb cleaner overnight then dumping the mess out the next day....

i've been meaning to try that but haven't got to it as of yet

Re: exhaust how to clean it

read freds guide to fixing your moped under the resouces section. its about half way down in articles

Re: exhaust how to clean it

i bought a cheap ol' shot gun cleaning kit and used the wire bristles to get the worst of it out. i cleaned it throughly with that, and then i just used carb cleaner and the wire thing. to get the finer stuff

then i just soaked it in the carb cleaner.

never been happier

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