NEED parts book for Motobecane

Anyone have a PDF or other online parts book that includes the mid-late 70's Motobecane 50V?

Re: NEED parts book for Motobecane

Maybe that would work. sells a parts catalog for 21.95 also...

Re: NEED parts book for Motobecane

Appreciated, but I really need a parts book, not the repair manual.

As far as paying $21.95 for a "copy", I'm not into it. I might pay that for an original, but it kind of rubs me wrong when folks duplicate copyrighted materials, and then have the audacity to charge prices far beyond the cost of making the copy. It's just not theirs to sell, IMHO. eBay is full of stuff like this.

Information should be free. Free as in beer, free as in Willy for all I care - just free.

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