Piston Problem?


I bought a Puch Newport a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't been able to get it running yet. I bought it from a guy who said that the person he had bought it from had installed a 65cc airsal kit, but he had never been able to get it running. I've checked and the engine is definitely new, but when I try to turn it over, it makes this pisst, pisst sound like air is escaping from somewhere on the engine block. I've also checked to make sure the piston is installed properly (holes on the top of the piston on the intake, right?), and that the ring lines up with the pin.

My question is does anyone know where I can get an airsal instruction manual so I can see if there's anything missing? Do you think it's a gasket problem? Any ideas of what the problem might be?


Re: Piston Problem?

John Joedicke /

There is no manual. Maybe your base gasket is leaking or the head gasket. That is probably where the phisst is coming from.

Re: Piston Problem?

Well, I ordered a new set of gaskets to be sure, but the gaskets that are already on there look pretty good. so i dunno

Re: Piston Problem?

Jason Luther /

does it have a decompression valve on the head? its a little valve that opens with a thumb control to help starting it. perhaps its stuck open, and there for you have no compression.-jason

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