odd problem that makes no sense to me

Lee Suzuki /

My 77 Vespa Bravo has a problem where after running at high rpm for about thirty seconds the engine will suddenly die. Then, after letting it idol for about a minute, it will run fine again, then 30 seconds later die again.

I was wondering if this could be caused by fuel overheating problems, or maybe it’s just the engine overheating in general?

The interesting twist is if I prop the bike up on its stand, then run the engine on high rpm, it runs fine without any problems.

does anybody have any clue?

Re: odd problem that makes no sense to me

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Sounds like a fuel flow problem.Clean gas cap and fuel line. Jim.

Re: odd problem that makes no sense to me

Jason Luther /

yeah, when you are riding it (using way more fuel then when on the stand) the carb cannot fill up fast enough, so you are running out of gas untill the 30secs go by and the carb fills up again. and the cycle continues. start with the most basic problems, clogged gas cap vent, clogged fuel line. then start tearing the carb apart and clean it.-jason

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