Tomos running problem

Roger Vallve /

I have a 2001 Tomos Targa with biturbo exhaust, 27" front sprocket and I jetted it to 56 or 58. It ran fine all last year. This year I changed the oil. cleaned the carb, spark plug and air filter etc. It starts fine and runs good for about 5 minutes or so. If I keep the throttle at the same spot, around 3/4 to maximum I have a problem. It starts slowing down, starting to accelerate and then dies out. Sometimes I can save it by twisting the throttle back and forth. I have no probs restarting it. I tried adjusting the idle but no fix. any ideas???



Re: Tomos running problem

Sounds like a fuel problem for sure.

Possible that you mis-assembled the carb, or ended up creating an air leak somewhere?

It's not uncommon for a carb to plug a jet, just after a quick cleaning. When you clean a carb, you end up disturbing dirt & sediment. Unless you got it all out, it is free to plug things up. It's also possible that you disturbed sediment in the fuel line, and that made its way into the freshly cleaned carb.

Re: Tomos running problem

Don Pflueger /

take your carb back apart and reinstall your float and needle and seat.

Re: Tomos running problem

Could be a little varnish in the carb and needle seat if you let it set for a while with old gas and no storage additive. don-ohio (:^D

Re: Tomos running problem

John Joedicke /

Take you jet out and check it, prob has some gunk in it blocking the flow partially. Check the inlet screen on the side of the carb for crud.

Re: Tomos running problem

check the wiriering i had the same problem and that was it

Re: Tomos running problem

wiring usually doesn't go bad from sitting unless it was out in the rain... keep it simple and check the fuel problems first unless you want to create a new problem lol listen to the two dons.... their advice is good advice!

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