brake switches HELP!

I have a problem with my brake light switches on the handlebars. They work opposite of what I think they should. When the button is out, they are off, and when the button is in, it's on. This means that when the brake lever is not pulled, current is going thru the switch, and when I pull the lever the light goes out.

It's a Sachs westlake with the 504 and originally had the motoplat 3 wire electronics. I think these switches are used because the motor grounds thru the taillight on this system.

I switched it to a Bosch 4 wire set up that has a separate coil for the brake light. So the big question- where can I get switches that are off when the button is in and on when the button is out?

I think the switches are the same measurement on anything that uses Maguria levers. If anyone can check how their switches work, and tell me what the ped is, I'd really appreciate it.

Re: brake switches HELP!

I had the same problem... easy fix...

They make 2 types of switches that look identical (round and screw into the Magura setup and the brake lever pushes in the pin)

When I got my ped some freak had put the wrong kind in and then when they didn't work just cut the wires and taped them together so the brakelight was on at all times grrrrr...

I finally figured it out and ordered a set of new correct switches and the brake light works perfectly now!

Chris from has them... just get the correct kind and screw them in and presto... perfect brake lights!

Re: brake switches HELP!

You should be able to rewire what you have. If you have three wire brake siwtches, then they are double-poled. Each switch has a normally open contact, and a normally closed contact - with a common return for both.

So, you need to find the contacts that are open when the brake handle is at rest, but close when you pull it in.

FInd a wiring diagram. It might be as simple as unplugging and re-plugging some wires. Possibly might have to change the connector gender on one or two, etc.

Re: brake switches HELP!

The new switches are only 8 bucks each... unless you like rewiring your ped lol...

Re: brake switches HELP!

hey dude..

I just bought 2 of these switches that you need in a lot of NOS parts on eBay... I don't need them so if you want to try them out to see if they are the right kind just let me know... it's a 50/50 chance they will fix your problem lol... I'm just not sure whether they are open/closed switches.. they came from a Puch shop..

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