Pa50 shortcomings

Mainly I'm addressing the speedo cable and pedals. does anyone have a pa50 where the pedal cranks aren't screwed up and speedo cable busted? Am I correct in assuming that both of these were poor of design? I'm going to a junkyard to see if I can make one from another brand fit. has anyone tried this yet?

Re: Pa50 shortcomings

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

They have held up for 25 years and you ask if they are of poor design? What am I missing? Jim.

Re: Pa50 shortcomings

mine's held up great never really had much breakage but for the pedal shaft but i figure after almost 30 years of people tromping on it to start the bike it might have been due to break. but the speedo is great, seems to be more reliable than the puch sort, at least... so even though the pa50s are a little slow i think they're solid good runners

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I managed to repair the speedo cable on mine- I used a brass fitting cut down to hold the cable on, because the plastic holder on the cable housing broke.

I drilled out he center of the metal piece on the end of the cable itself, and JB welded a pop-rivet shaft filed to the right shape to the end. That got the speedometer working again. I used the shaft from a pop rivet because it was aluminum, just needed to be filed square, and could easily be bent to center it after the JB weld hardened.

My pedal arms are still hitting the side covers, but I think I have some that may swap over, but I haven't tried them yet.

Re: Pa50 shortcomings

Don't forget the head light assembly! Access to that was/is so unusual that most folks would break the plastic housing getting inside to change the bulb.

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This is what I've found. The speedo cable at the drive end is a lot smaller that the end at the speedo which looks to be a standard size. The plastic nut at the drive end works loose and lets the cable back out. The small end then breaks off.

I managed to get a good cable on ebay and now have the nut safety wired on. The fix on the thread sounds like a good way to try.

Re: Pa50 shortcomings

I put my new headlight on using a fuel line as a bushing between the bolt and the fiberglass bucket- some big washers and I hope the new one won't break.

I also had new upper side covers fabricated from thin steel. I changed them a little from original- made them a little longer, but they still match up with the gas tank.

Gotta make it nice - it's for my woman, once it's all finished and registered.

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