1980 qt50 maiden voyege at least brake/oil?


i went on my first ride on my qt50, actually my first ride on any moped. so i have a few questions to ask.

1) the moped seems to speed up fine but when i get off the gas it has a brake like feeling . like the wheels are not turning freely . i dont think the brake are in any way activated is this normal?

2) i replaced the oil. the manual says to put in 300 cm 3 . when i put the oil in i used the oil bottles own oil level guide that was marked in increments of hundreds of i think ml . i dont know if any anyone has seen such a bottle. but i put in 300 according to the bottle is that the same as 300 cm 3?

Re: 1980 qt50 maiden voyege at least brake/oil?

Put your unit on the center stand, and rotate the tires when they are clear of the ground to check for any brake drag.

You will have to disconnect the rear wheel drive to check this.

Usually 2 strokes have very little compression brakeing effect.

As long as your oil tank is full you should be good to go. The 300cc would be for the first fill of and empty tank. From then on just keep it topped up.

Re: 1980 qt50 maiden voyege at least brake/oil?

my QT does the same thing. it actually engine brakes. i was surprised by this. But it worked great for not having to brake all the way down steep hills. I Would check the brakes like silverfox mentioned and if they are rotating free i wouldn't worry. Mine does the same thing.

As far as the oil. its egivilant to 1/3 quart. I have a ratioright measuring thing here that works great. Its got mixture ratios on it plus cc's (cm3) oz's, pints. its great. almost all motorcycle shops have it. Worth the 5 dollars for it. Since mine still had the orignal factory oil in it, ( it only had 460 miles on it) I flushed it out. Ran it until it was hot and then drained the old oil. Then added new and ran it and drained it. Then put new oil and and that was it. Just didn't want any left over 22 year old oil.

Re: 1980 qt50 maiden voyege at least brake/oil?

hi ,

my brakes squeek and its my first moped, is it diffacult to replace the brake shoes? and where is a good place to buy them?

thanks j

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