overheating fuel line???


so i fix my fuel line that had a slow leak in it

i found a petcock that had a nipple instead of a compression fitting, but now the fuel line is so close to the engine that i think the line is getting too hot and not allowing my engine to take in any gas.

so how can i make the line not overheat with out moving it higher than the fuel lever??

its frustrating and i have to fix it by tomarrow

ill post 2 more pics


Re: overheating fuel line???



Re: overheating fuel line???

Jason Luther /

i cant see how over heating is causing anything. it doesnt get _that_ hot. try wrapping the fuel line with a sleave made out of a spare piece of tubing if you are concerned.-jason

Re: overheating fuel line???

See Ya Moped Army /

I've never seen a fuel line overheat on a moped, only on cars. You can try replacing the fuel line with the old German cloth braided fuel line used on old aircooled VW's.

Re: overheating fuel line???

well i moved the line

and it stopped getting hot

so now when the enginge is not running and hte lever is open the filter fills up. But when i take it out riding, the fuel in the filter goes to the carb, but more isnt put it. in essence its just filling up and then emptying out..

what could the cause of this be

and how the hell can i fix it

Re: overheating fuel line???

fuel to the carburetor on a moped is gravity fed, from the looks of your photos i'd say that it is defeating the purpose. try a shorter line so that the carburetor is always _below_ the petcock

Re: overheating fuel line???

yeah im hoping putting it back to its old way will work.

could something be blocking the hole inside my gas tank to prevent the engine from sucking the fuel down?

i ve learned a small tip from this also

never let your old man dick around with your moped

Re: overheating fuel line???


Re: overheating fuel line???

Make sure that there are no dips in your fuel line. It should be a straight drain to the carb. Take off your fuel tank cap to see if the fuel drains out properly. If it does that your cap vent is plugged.

Vapor locking only occurs in the situation where there is a fuel pump between the engine and the fuel tank that needs to suck the fuel from the tank. If the fuel in the line gets hot enough to vaporize then the pump valves will not work and a vaporlock happens.

There is another thing tha could be happening. You could be subject to carb boilout. There should be a fiber (or plastic) block between the carb and the crankcase. If the carb gets too hot the fuel in the bowl could be boiling. This can happen also if the exhaust system has been changed and the chamber is too close to the carb.

Good luck

Re: overheating fuel line???

i see what your saying about the no dips

but i have a problem with that because my fuel lever is on the right side of my tank and the carb is on the left

so getting it from my pet. to the carb with out any dips is prettymuch impossible.

Re: overheating fuel line???

Courtis Fuller /

Hey, your from Redding California? Do you know a place called Bayon Custom Boats? Are they still there?

Re: overheating fuel line???

John Joedicke /

Great big air pocket forms in your line, everything must be down hill. No loops.

all down hill eh?

yeah ive been trying that

but since its tapped on the right side and my carb is on the left and pretty much level with the lever its bieng kind of dufficult. do you have any tips aside from getting it tapped on the other side?

Re: all down hill eh?

John Joedicke /

Get a petcock that has a right angle outlet.

strange symptoms, maybe same problem?!?

Lee Suzuki /

My 77 Vespa Bravo has a problem where after running at high rpm for about thirty seconds the engine will suddenly die. Then, after letting it idol for about a minute, it will run fine again, then 30 seconds later die again.

I was wondering if this could be caused by similar fuel overheating problems, or maybe it's just the engine overheating in general?

The interesting twist is if I prop the bike up on its stand, then run the engine on high rpm, there's no problems.

does anybody have any clue?

Bayon boats is gone

nope it isnt here anymore

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