I just bought a very clean/nice looking Tomos SP 1986 moped. Here is the easiest question you have had all day:

-How do i start this beast?

I never had a moped when I was a kid, and I can't figure it out quick enough (i want to be riding today!)


Here are my thoughts to help steer you to what i need

-Fuel ON (i see a fuel valve, but they are not marked as to on off- how else can i tell that fuel valve is on)

-Power ON (I found the run button, we are set)

-Peddle Start (I understand that peddle 'kick' start is needed)

-Clutch? Confused here: please help

Is the cluth/brake a combo lever, or should the clutch cable be on the right side?

Thanks in advance- I would like to try to see if I can get it to turn fire first and then troubleshoot any issues later.


Ok, I am one step further.

-I grasp that the pedal creates electricity to drive the ingition coil. However, next I trace the wiring from the on/off switch and see that a few wires are unplugged.

I need a wiring diagram - Anyone know where Tomos diagrams are located?



Leon Swarmer /

look at Fred's guide uner resources.. then go to

and look for the appropriate Tomos manual

don't know that specific moped,

fuel petcocks usually are 3 position on off reserve.

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