my puch maxi has been runnign fine for the past 3 months and today when i was on my way home from school, when i slowed down to an idle, there was a metal to metal contact(i think). it was like soemthing was grinding like reeer reeer. thats the best i can describe it. i think it might be the piston rubbing on the cylinder head, or it might be the crank shaft on the journal(im guessing)...

it stopped obruptly once i would have it at idle speed then i would guve it a little gas, but if i would gun it, it woudl run fine as long as i didnt slow down to an idle speed.

i also took the carb off and put some oil down into the cylinder below the piston and on the piston as well.

im taking it into my small engines class tomorrow in hope that one of my teachers will know what the problem is.

if anyone knows what might be the problem, or if you think you might know what to do...any suggestions will help, thank you very much.



You have oil at the proper level in the tranny? don-ohio

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