Whats part is this?? (Vespa Grande)

Nathan Edwards /

I have a Vespa Grande. I was just adding some oil to the rear hub (thanks matt and zippy for all your help with that) and saw a little peice under the hub nut. It has a plastic black cap on it and it can be pushed in and if you pull down the hinge it releases. what is this?? do i need to do something with it? On the side cover it has a hole for it... good enough description? I can post a picture if needed.



Re: Whats part is this?? (Vespa Grande)

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

I think that button disconnects the engine so you can pedal without turning the engine. My Tfr-usa(vespa clone) had this setup. Jim.

Re: Whats part is this?? (Vespa Grande)

Bruce Wilkinson /

Good answer steamboat.

Re: Whats part is this?? (Vespa Grande)

It's called a "Free Wheeling button". It turns your Grande into a bicyle that you can pedal.

DON'T engage it or disengage it with the wheel turning or you may trash some gears.

Push it in and you disengage the starter clutch to convert to Free wheeling.

Release the lever to let the button pop back out and you re-engage the clutch.

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