Puch forks: Rebuilding

Has anyone actually done this before: Rebuild the Magnum fork. I have a spare hydraulic fork and my bike has the "regular" Magnum fork. The spare has no pressure resistance in it which leads me to think that it may be empty. (Don't know. It was given to me.) A glance at the Puch manual suggests that rebuilding either is possible, but where to get those o-rings etc. is the question. Hate to open a bigger problem. Anyone know if those "throwaway parts" the manual says to replace whenever you open fork are available anywhere? What about "generic" equivalents?

Any notions?

Re: Puch forks: Rebuilding

I'm doing this right now I have my magnum forks apart.And i will be installing them on my maxi.If the bike was laid on it's side and the rubber band that covers the air hole has moved or broken the oil could leak out, also the seals could be bad.Simply unscrew the chrome nuts and look to see if there is any oil present if not add some SAE 20 to 30weight motor oil I think 15 oz.Hth.Jim

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